As we dive into 2015, several hopes or plans or “that would be fun” ideas have been swimming in my head. I am not going to call these resolutions because if I don’t do them….whatever. But if I do…I”m awesome. Or at least I will have broadened my horizons this year.

1. Green thumb. I am committing to not killing any more house plants. Let’s just say thank goodness Rogers Gardens does not do a home study because they would find 8 dead air plants, 6 dead ferns and bare fiddle leaf fig. And some tragically over watered succulents abandoned on the back porch. All this to say I bought a new fiddle leaf fig tree for the living room and it has a 12 month guarantee. That is my safety net. This interest also includes taking a terrarium class to understand the proper layering of rocks and soil so….more succulents don’t die. And because they make great gifts.  Some inspiration here.

2. Weaving.  I am obsessed.

3. Cooking with Greg. I love to cook. And really love to cook in a quiet kitchen by myself for people the like to eat. But on occasion, Greg and I get inspired together and enjoy the process as much as we enjoy the food. I got him this book for Christmas and there are soooooo many delicious recipes we want to try.

4. Yoga every damn day. Yoga has been transformative for me this past year and I would like to incorporate the practice into my daily routine. Wether at the studio or in my living room. The simple act of consciously breathing calms me. And I often need to be calmed.

5. Take a dance class. Just because. I love to dance. And exercise my mind body coordination required in learning new moves. Sorry friends, there will be no performance.

photo credit: http://www.independent.co.uk/property/interiors/the-insider-miniature-gardening-minus-the-garden-8513599.html