A different season

The last 6 months have been full of transition and signaled quite a change in our parenting stage.  Callum started pre-school in the fall….which changed everything.  And today, my baby just graduated from mommy and me gymnastics to the big kid class.*  Really….I’ve sat and sang and held his hand while pretending he wants to jump on the trampoline but really I just do…for the last time.

After 8 years of parenting, I suddenly have time….what feels like so much time to be a refreshed introvert, and clean my house.  Oh the joy.  I have described it as margin to Greg.  It feels like I have margin again.  I think it existed when Ben was little and I was working part time.  And maybe even when Lyle was born and I was not working.  But the addition of sweet Callum put me over the edge of sanity for several years.  And I wasn’t sure I (we) would ever get our feet under us as a family again.

I think we all have sweet spots in parenting.  And I have confessed before that I LOVE babies…but the age 1 to 2…or in Callum’s case 3 years old when they are mobile and curious and passionate yet lacking any sort of reasoning ability or rational thinking is tough for me.

Also, it occurred to me a few months ago, after lamenting with a friend about a crazy outing she had with her infant and 2 year old, that this blog was a place for me to process the insanity of the early years of parenting.  When I could barely keep my head above the water.  And as we have settled into a rhythm, and the boys are becoming increasinly self sufficient and I am no longer baby wearing anyone while trying to wipe someones bottom and hold a trantrum-ing toddler simultaneously, I have had less of a need to process my days here.

I would love for this to be a lifestyle, design, crafting blog…I am just looking for sponsors.  And a professional photographer.  And designers and crafters.

*Please note that Callum lasted 4 weeks in the big kid class before he was asked to leave.  And not come back.  His “curiosity” seems to be a distraction for the other kids and a safety concern for the coaches.  His desire to obey….anyone….he has no desire to obey.  He only has fearless courage and willful determination.  We are trying to channel that.  Into something that doesn’t make me crazy.  Or scare other people.  Which now includes tae qwon do and swim team.  Because he refuses to sit and watch his older brothers anymore and forces himself into the classes.  And he’s cute enough that its hard to say no.  Which is probably the root of the problem.  As always we are nailing this parenting thing.  This should totally be a parenting blog.