Today in rapid succession, Lyle asked me:

“Mom, when you die, can we eat your meat. The meat inside you?”

“Are you going to die before me?”

“Who is going to take care of me if you die before me?”

“I will get you some chicken to take to heaven if you are hungry.”

“Can I have some more cheerios?”

I didn’t even know where to start. So I started with the cheerios.

This all coming from the child that just needs me all day long. Needs physical affection and verbal affection and more hugs and kisses and snuggles and quality time and connection time and focused time and talking time, who wanted to nurse again when Callum was born….literally wants to eat me when I die.

Unrelated: add extra mozzarella to trader joe’s frozen pizzas before cooking and graded parmesan after and they are just delicious.

Also: Easter


Ben turned 7:


Callum turned 2:


And we moved and settled and I AM SO THANKFUL. SO THANKFUL. For community and neighbors and parks and walking and bike riding and glory glory so many other things.

Great. Now we are all caught up.


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