Oh my gosh it’s so good to see you!

How was Christmas? Where are you living? Happy New Year.

All things we would say if we saw each other.

I don’t know where to start? 2013 recap? 2014 resolutions? The time I hit a golf cart with my car on the island? And the owner and his old man gang witnessed the whole thing? Mortified. Even after they offered to buy me coffee.

We’ve moved again. Back to leisure world. It’s hard to find my groove with all this transition. Especially my writing groove. I just don’t have a spot. Or a time. Critical factors. I would overload this post with pictures to avoid having to come up with words, but I can’t find my camera cable. Shocking. Or my check book. Or the baby nail clippers. Or….do I need to go on?

I meant to dedicate an entire post to island living but it kept sounding entitled and elitist and that combined with my self deprecating humor just didn’t work. But getting stuck behind the 4 passenger tourist bikes in the afternoon or hearing the neighbors conversations at night mixed with beach days in November and outdoor showers and Christmas light walks and the boat parade…I’m so thankful we were there for the time we were. And I really did hit a parked golf cart with my car. And ate donuts 4 x week and coffee everyday. And walked some of it off in the wee hours before the sun or my children arose…which was my favorite part.

So I’m looking ahead and hoping to getting my ikea furniture and family pictures out of storage in 2014. Cheers!

And in case you forgot what we look like. Merry Christmas.



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