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Well friends….it’s almost Thanksgiving! I am hosting my family at our little rental house on the island (I like to say ‘OUR’ and pretend we get to stay more than another 4 weeks when the owners come back and displace us as if we never laid down roots here!) and thought I’d share what we’re serving. My mom is making some of the more traditional thanksgiving dishes (like all of them…because of the time I spent 1,000 hours cooking my first turkey and come dinner time it was raw inside and a sweet unassuming relative suggested we microwave it and I FREAKED THE FREAK OUT) but with Greg’s food allergies (gluten, dairy, cranberries and green beans just to name a few) I needed to get creative in order to put together a festive meal. He’s not allergic to turkey, but he just has no love for it. Maybe because of the raw incident? Whatever. So I’m roasting a chicken. At this point in the post I would love to insert round photos of beautiful dishes, but I need some tech support to help with that and we don’t have tech support at sweetbenandlittlelyleandthatotherson(dot)com. So we’re going with this.


Obviously these pictures are all other people’s. Since it’s Monday and I haven’t started cooking yet. With the exception of a test run of the mac and cheese and my kids complained about the bread crumbs.

Clockwise from top left:
1. Buttermilk Cheddar biscuits
2. Whipped Sweet Potatoes
3. Pan Seared Brussels Sprouts with Cranberries and Pecans (substituting dried cherries for the cranberries)
4. Mac and Cheese (just to keep the kids happy and quiet)
5. Roasted Chicken I have a menu planning strategy that is finally working quite well for us. Maybe I have mentioned? I’m not sure. Regardless, I make this roasted chicken just about every Sunday night and it’s always a hit.

Desert is quite impossible for Greg…with the exception of maybe raw walnut, date and cocoa truffles. So I might make those.

This menu is heavily influenced by Ina Garten because she has never led me astray. I trust her implicitly. With my whole life. I want to live with her in the hamptons. And cook with sticks and sticks of butter all day long. How bad can THAT be?!?!

*I should mention that the biscuits and mac and cheese are obviously not Greg friendly. OBVIOUSLY.


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