Silhouette Cameo…the best gift I ever bought myself

Have I blogged about the sheer amazingness of my Silhouette Cameo? I bought it for myself for Christmas two years ago and have used it as much or more than my sewing machine. For totally different projects of course. And man I wish I had pictures of more projects. It’s basically an electronic dye cutter. That works like a printer. You just feed card stock (or several other materials) into the machine and instead of printing an image, it cuts it out. Any SIZE shapes, words, AMAZING!


I used it for several projects for women’s retreat decor to create a “thankful tree”.


I have used it to make birthday cards, invitations, banners, and holiday decorations. Think JOY TO THE WORLD strung across the windows. I cut out a few cars with the pieces all separate and Lyle had to glue them in the right places like a puzzle. Or order the letters in his name. It finally occurred to me to decorate for halloween…on halloween and with a sleeping baby upstair and no desire to buy decorations, we just spent the afternoon making them. I cut out some pumpkins, spiders and ghosts and the boys colored and hung them with tape. We are doing something similar for Christmas tree decorations because ours are all in storage. Just so much fun. That’s all.

*this is NOT a sponsored post. I don’t have any sponsors. But I like free stuff. Just saying’.


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