More butternut squash

Are y’all over it yet? These meals have actually all been spaced out by at least a week…it’s just the post are coming one after another.

Last night we enjoyed Penne with Butternut squash and Goat cheese thanks to Giada De Laurentiis. I mean…she didn’t make it for us…because that would have changed my life.

I do a couple switcharoos (the technical term for using a different colored Lego piece than the instructions call for because that’s all you can find in your stash) in the recipe to make it Greg friendly. We use corn penne pasta from Trader Joes. And no cheese on his. For the sauce, I just use a bit of the pasta cooking liquid and a splash of olive oil, salt and pepper. And Greg swears it’s still soooo good. I then double down on the goat cheese and parmesan for the boys and I. The basil is fresh and the walnuts are crunchy. It really is a delicious dish.


*Also it is worth noting that all hell was breaking loose at my house while I was trying to make dinner and I still managed to get it on the table. Which means its a really easy recipe. (of which the risotto is not so much).

** and by “all hell,” I mean first grade homework.