Fall-owing the rules

I am a rule follower.

Unless breaking the rules feels very rebellious and freeing and there are no possible consequences. The summer before my freshman year in high school, a few of my friends’ older sisters sat us down (in a parking lot while drinking beer and anticipating their reign as seniors!) and shared the rules we were to live by for the next 4 years. Indecently some of these sisters were the same ones that had routinely locked us in the attic not to long before. So I am not sure if I was paying attention out of reverence or fear. But I digress. We learned things like “don’t ever ride the bus ever for any reason ever. Walk home 10 miles if you have to but don’t ride the bus. Carry your back pack by one strap only. Dress like Brenda Walsh. Get involved in as many extra curricular activities as possible. And basically follow the rules your first three years to earn trust…and you will be able to get away with all sorts of shinaghians your senior year.” At least this was their plan. And I will say it pretty much worked. If you consider – skipping AP Econ everyday with out a teacher or principle questioning where I was going…and then failing the AP Econ test – working. Oh that 55 minutes of freedom. Glorious.

That intro has little to do with the meat of this post. Or the veggies. So back to rule following. I am a bit compulsive. Orderly. And routine-loving. This is shocking to no one. I am a controlling person. And I also practice moderation. For moderation sake. I try not to overindulge too often (although it totally happens….trader jojo’s…WHAT?!?!) But I limit the good stuff of life to an extent that I can really enjoy and celebrate it at the appropriate times. I abstain on occasions, just to enjoy indulging at a later date. Examples: I don’t wear sandals in the winter. There are no exceptions to this rule (unless I’m feeling rebellious). But come March 1st (which is technically still winter, but totally not in Texas) I bust out the flips and take a stroll. No drinking before 5:00 pm (unless it’s been a really hard day). No white before Labor day. You get the jist.

Where is this going? Several years ago we started eating seasonally. Please tell me you know what this means. What is means for us, is that we have not had butternut squash in 6+ months. I mean you can eat strawberries in the fall….but why when they taste soooooo much better in the spring? And likewise with root veggies. We’ve eaten fruit 3 meals a day for months. With quinoa, on salads, and in smoothies. But with the fall upon us (WHERE DID SEPTEMBER GO?!?! my birthday is saturday :) I enthusiastically picked up a few bags of pealed and chopped butternut squash at Trader Joes. There is maybe nothing on earth I appreciate more than someone else pealing and chopping my butternut squash. So for the first dish of the season, I went with a very traditional and super easy soup.

And it was worth the wait.

My kids even ate it. Proportionality with an entire baguette for “dipping.”


*photo is before the pureeing.

Bon appetit. And this might be the first in a series of posts featuring the gloriousness of butternut squash. And I only dare to mention “series” because one little 18th month old has finally started to appreciate** the glory of TV (which I know rots the baby brain) and thus returned my sanity.

**As long as he is strapped into his high chair with a jojo in each hand. Moderation people. Moderation.