The Nursery/Laundry Room/Office

So I’ve mentioned that we are living at my parents house in Newport for the summer while they are in Colorado. It is a beautiful place and actually bigger than our last house, but only two bedrooms and a den. So Ben and Lyle are in the guest room and the den has become a playroom. Which left Callum…in the laundry room. It’s a large room with built in cabinets, desk, utility sink, ironing board and obviously a washer and dryer. It’s a small space that I couldn’t resist staging to look like an actual nursery. In hopes that he would transition to sleeping there easily. Let’s just say it’s cute but there have been some bumps in the sleeping road. Oh child.

So the design…I put a changing table pad on the top of the cabinets…next to the sink….next to the washer and dryer. Added a little storage bin for shorts and PJs, hung all his shirts and on the laundry rod that was already in place and the mobile for decoration. The pack and play fits in front of the cabinets and can be moved around as needed in the space. There is a window in the room which I think makes this a fire safe situation. But I did go buy a carbon monoxide detector for peace of mind.

What I am realizing….is that all nurseries should have a utility sink and washer/dryer! I can quickly and thoroughly wash my hands after every diaper change, thrown dirty clothes in the washing machine, or the baby in the sink for a bath if things are really out of hand. Seriously so convenient. Until someone else gets the stomach flu and I am in and out of the baby’s “room” doing laundry all night long. On a positive note, he has gotten quite use to the hummmm of the washer and drying at bed time and I might need to make this a permanent situation in our future house. Now if I could just teach Callum to do the laundry for me.