Aloha and mahalo

So funny story. The last time I went to Ohau, Hawaii…I followed a band. I was young and spontaneous. And fun. (serious people…not a care in the world and totally FUN!) And maybe kissed the guitar player. And that band may or may not now have a show on a popular kids TV network. And my boys may or may not watch it. And occasionally may pretend to be members of said band and run around the back yard with capes yelling….we are the Aquabats! Oh life…you crack me up. Also….that was a LONG time ago and band members and my moral compass have changed a bit.

Related: Greg and I spent a glorious 7 nights and 8 days (plus one bonus night due to a cancelled flight) on the island of Ohau this past week. And oh heaven on earth it was all I’d dreamed it could be for a tropical vacation – get so far away – much needed rest and relaxation break from life. Glory glory hallelujah. Aloha and mahalo. We have not taken a tropical vacation of this nature since our honeymoon in Costa Rica. Which was 1,000 (9) years ago.

And we have never left the kids for more than a long weekend.

But a seed was planted and a house rented and I started packing 4 months ago. And have been wearing my bathing suit daily since January. Not really. But maybe.

We spent the first two nights at the Ko Olina Resort on the south west side of Ohau. It is set on one of four white sand lagoons that were a perfect back drop for watching the moon set, (three hour time difference had us up EARLY everyday) morning yoga, mid morning runs, lots of ocean swimming and floating, afternoon naps and late night strolls. There were no dishes or laundry or people calling me mommy. We eased into vacation quite well which included a lot of raw fish and several pineapple rum drinks…a day.


At this point in the trip, the fair skinned love of my life thought he might use this opportunity to get a tan. Which means he burned his chest so badly the first day and basically hid from the sun the rest of the trip. Oh honey, I love your optimism.

After day three in hotel land, we were ready to head to the infamous North Shore for a little mellower scene and more pineapple rum drinks. Also, that’s not at all what it looks like in the summer. No waves in the summer. And when I say “no waves”…I mean “honey that wave you caught was HUGE!” The north shore is just a little edgy and local and doubles in population in the winter when the big waves come in. But in the summer it’s a smattering of surf instructors, tourists and 1,000 sea turtles. Greg’s oldest brother and his wife joined us for this part of the trip which was so much fun! And just in time because Greg and I had run out of things to talk about. Thank goodness for a debate about how old Greg was the first time he snuck Aaron’s car out in the middle of the night (13) or who drank more beer in college (undecided). And lots of good information on raising three boys because they are 7 years ahead of us.


We explored near by beaches, snuck into Turtle Bay resort, wandered through the Waimea Valley Botanical Gardens, cooked all sorts of deliciousness, and read and read and read. And napped. And worked out. Those Texas Thorburns are serious about their Cross Fit so there we were on vacation doing burpies and hand stand attempts.


And come Saturday we boarded the plane and I had my game face on and kept repeating, “you can do this…you CAN do this. You’re totally ready to go home to the insanity of meeting others needs all day and night. You are rested. And relaxed. And calm.” But when the pilot announced a mechanical problem and cancelled the flight and mentioned something about a hotel room…I was the FIRST one off the plane and back in my sundress ordering a mai thai faster than you can say Waikiki. Thank you American Airlines for a vacation bonus night!


Side note: For years I have been in a fight with coffee because I started to see my anxiety peak on days where I had some (or too much) coffee. So I have quite entirely. Gone decaf. Halfcaf. And what not. But this little Hawaiian vacation made me start to think that it’s life that increases my anxiety, not the caffeine. I can drink cup after cup on vacation and remain totally calm and relaxed. True story. I am now searching for a therapist who will prescribe vacation for my panic disorder. Surely Anthem Blue Cross will pay for a tropical vacation each year? And if not my insurance company, I am on the hunt now for another sponsor. Because I must go back.


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  1. Looks like an awesome time. Wish we were there! :)

    (And I LOVE the dress you’re wearing on your bonus night!)

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