Fair weather fans

We have lived with in smelling and hearing distance of the fair for the last 9 summers. We have anticipated it’s arrival each summer as the ferris wheel is being assembled. We have sold lemonade and snacks to fair goers. We have ridden rides. Eaten corn dogs. Cheered for Willy Nelson and some U2 cover band and BB King. We have pushed the kids in strollers. Drunk beer from the good beer tent. Polished off a funnel cake or two…in one day. We have dragged friends and been dragged by friends. We have sweated it out waiting for the kids’ roller coaster. Won ridiculous prizes causing me to instantly plot disappearances. Eaten a lot of BBQ. Ridden the ponies. Visited the GIANT cows. And apparently taken 1,000 pictures. It’s a love-hate relationship, me and the fair. I had never thought of myself as a fair person until it was literally in our back yard, but it came all too naturally. And my love was greatly helped by the fact that we received 20 free fair tickets from the city each year. Think of it as bribery to not complain about the noise and the traffic and the trash…in our yard. I could not have avoided it to save my life since the kids could see the ferris wheel from the driveway. Every day for 4 weeks they asked to go.

Generally speaking I hate large crowds, the threat of loosing my children, heat with no escape, and situations that are impossible to drag my children away from with out buying light sabers. Which pretty much describes the fair. But they love it. Oh how they love it. The rides. The crap food. The sights and sounds. They love it all.

But be it poor planning or a mail forwarding mishap or theft…we are with out free fair tickets this year. And sorry folks, but it is beyond me to pay for tickets after all these years. The love is gone. And it seems fitting that we took family pictures there last year. It is documented that I was a fun mom. And that I know how to coordinate but not match 5 people to look like casual fair goers. So long fair. We loved you. And we’ll miss you. And when my kids are old enough to drive themselves they can buy that $25 all you can ride wrist band and spin until their hearts content.



2 thoughts on “Fair weather fans

  1. Uncanny how much I agree with you (as if I had written it)….except for the “free ticket” part. Have paid because my children, my husband and my friends enjoy it so much. Considering a “strike” myself this summer ;)

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