So different this summer

There is something about being in a different physical space that changes my perspective. And moving coinciding with the first week of summer, everything feels different. The rhythm of our days is different. Where we are doing our errands is different. Sleeping arrangement are different. They boys are all squashed together and Greg and I are delighting in a master suite that is about as big as our last house. And the fact that this is not our house feels different. I am on a vacation from home improvement projects for the first time in a decade. Which I didn’t realize took so much mental time. I was compulsively sorting, cleaning, re-organizing to make my house run as efficiently as possible for my family. And safely. Which we are inadvertently still working on here. I have a barricade by the front door to keep Callum in because the door doesn’t dead bolt. But haven’t figured out how to keep him out of the liquor cabinet. At least until after 5:00 pm.

And any familiarity here takes me back to the early 80’s because we are living in my parents house and although it is not the house I grew up in, it’s all the stuff I grew up with. That cutting board? Cooled cookies on it 1,000,000 times as a kid. Jagged edge spoon? Accidentally garbage disposaled it when I was little. Tupperware sandwich boxes? Took them to the lake every Saturday. Bed skirt. Mine in high school. My mom’s dish soap and canned tuna. Cracked wooden spoons. Brass lobsters and crystal tennis rackets. I’ve starred at them so many times in what feels like a different life. And there are family pictures everywhere that I am in. But they are not my family pictures. I am a kid with parents. Or my kids with their grandparents. My brother’s wedding. Gramma Dorie and my mom at her 50th birthday. Surrounded by so many memories. And breakable things. Please children don’t break anything (else).

Aside from the differences in our physical space, we are enjoying the space of summer. Where every night is movie night. (Although we have implemented a minute for minute reading / screen time policy that is working better than I could have imagined. But to be honest I have not once pulled out a stop watch, I just arbitrarily tell Ben that he read for x amount of minutes after each book/chapter. He hasn’t called me out on it yet.) And cereal is what’s for breakfast every day. And lunch is always outside. And usually dinner as well. We’ve been staying up late and going on adventure walks and sunset story time.

And we decided against setting up cable here. Which doesn’t really mean anything for the amount of TV / Movies we are watching. For instance, I have watched 23 episodes of Downton Abbey (which is in fact JUST AS GOOD AS EVERYONE SAYS!) in the last two weeks. I’m nothing if not dedicated to finishing what I start. Except all the times that I don’t.

Also, Callum is sleeping in the laundry room which means it takes a very detailed project schedule to stay on top of the laundry since I can’t do it at night or during nap time.

We can hear the airplanes. But not the fair.

There is an ocean breeze. And we take morning walks to get coffee. It’s different. Gloriously different.