Where have you been?!?!

We have had a very busy last 4 weeks. There was the silent retreat that I went to. At a monastery in the high desert. The topic was moving from judgement to grace. With ourselves and others. It was beautiful. And quiet.

Then a weekend in LA with Greg for work. It was a combination of romantic getaway and supportive wife. And stretched every fiber of my introverted being. We rolled from meetings to dinners to more food and even more people. My heart rate hovered at about 140 bpm while seated. And I had sweaty hands. For three days. But ate delicious food and hiked in Griffith park and acted like we are totally Ritz Carlton people.


Then Mothers’ day weekend which included a beach, park and pool day. The California trifecta as I like to call it.



And a jaunt to North Carolina with some dear friends to visit our dearest friend. Blue ridge mountains…where have you been all my life. I am not a city person. And this get away provided rest for my soul. Towering trees and rolling hills as far as the eye could see. Great expanses of land. And sounds of nature. And snakes. OH SNAKES!!!! I screamed MANY times and after freaking out on a hike, realized that knee high boots really would eliminate all my snake fears. And returning during hibernation season would also help.


I started and finished two cheesy romance novels which proved to be the PERFECT distraction for my airplane jitters…that and a Heineken. Note to self.

The kids have been healthy for weeks after taking them to the crazy (looks like “Doc” from Back to the Future) chiropractor who prescribed “patches.” And please don’t ask what they do because I don’t know and I don’t care but I am a believer. Immune systems boosted. Check.

All this with swim team and baseball and bible study smattered in between. And we decided to try to rent out our house. Let me know if you are interested!


The great end of the school year count down has begun and I am easing into June this year and protecting every aspect of our lives from any unnecessary activity or stress or commitment or to do item. I am continuing to say no more and more. And life continues to feel so full. Full of life. And love.


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  1. This made me happy. I have missed you. Your house looks fab. You are trying to rent it???? more info please. Love you*

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