every day someone says, “oh my goodness, Callum looks so much like Lyle!” To which Lyle finally responded, “why do people keep saying I look like Callum, I’M NOT A BABY!!!”

well….here’s my attempt to capture the twins, separated by 2 years and 9 months.


3 thoughts on “twins…

  1. Lyle, you will always be the BIG brother and so handsome. So when people says Callum looks like you, they just mean he is handsome like you.

  2. Lyle, I think you do look alike but he´s not a twin. And …you both have a mischiervous smile.
    Maybe when both of you are a few yeats older you might try to fool people and say YOU are
    Callum. I send Besos to you both. Well, if kisses embarass you I send you abrazos.


  3. I admit to being one of those people…BUT. I also think Lyle is kinda morphing into looking more like Ben. So maybe this is a gradual thing and in a couple more years you’ll have triplets.

    Maybe I just have multiples on the mind.

    Love to you and those sweet brothers!

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