There have been a lot more pictures than words on this blog the last year. But today…some words.

We survived the first “two birthdays in one week” year. And are a little worse for wear. It was a blur of frosting, presents, candles, special meals and special visitors. I threw my back out between the two parties. The adrenaline of it all made me think I could still do a herkie….and a front flip…and some other tricks on the trampoline. OUCH. So some of the blur might have been from the vicodin. Beyond that, it was a fun week of gathering and celebrating, laughing and singing. About the only birthday tradition we have that I can think of is lighting a candle and singing to the birthday person at every meal, snack, or chance we get during the day. So there were candles in oatmeal, sandwiches, pizza, cup cakes, bananas, etc.

We also realized that our sweet middle child was really bummed that his birthday is not the same week as his brothers. I tried to explain the whole calendar thing, then told him to get over it, then just started giving him gifts. I think I will go straight to the gifts in future years.

And as soon as the party dust settled, the reality that Callum is one started to set in. One year. Come. And gone. It was so hard. And so beautiful. And the combination of weaning him recently makes him seem so less dependent. Which is all together freeing! and a little sad. He is precious and I love him.