Standing here, looking ahead

It feels quite different standing here in January this year, compared to last year. Last year I was starring at a tidal wave of change headed my way. But some how I managed to stay afloat…for the most part. I might have been rescued by family, friends and wine a few times. But here we are. A family of 5. Ben settled into his new school. Lyle, happy as a clam in pre-school. And me keeping tummies full all day long.

My 2013 motto is going to be, “doing the same things….better.” I do no anticipate any major life changes beyond our little crawler turning into a little walker, and would like to improve upon….serving Jesus, loving my husband, mothering my children, nurturing my friendships, and generally caring for our home. Oh, and planning the women’s retreat. Volunteers?!?!? Where are you?

And quickly looking back….my two “resolutions” last year were to read a book a month. I think I made it to 8. And use reusable shopping bags at the market. Which I have in fact NOT done. But I do carry a HUGE purse and put stuff in there all the time instead of using shopping bags. After I pay for it of course.

Happy New Year friends!


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