I have mentioned before that there is a distinct difference between a family trip and a vacation. The planning, packing, schlepping, wiping, feeding, bathing, get my point. That being said, I am totally approaching out Christmas travels as a vacation. We are headed to a resort town (yay for parents that retired to a mountain town!), with skiing, snow shoeing, toasty fires, hot tubs, separate rooms for all the kids, maybe a massage. I’m going big. And Greg is going “dad.” I love you babe, but this one is all me. I have sat out for 6 years of baby making and it’s time to hit the slopes. Or the bar. Or what ever I run into. Cheers to Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Expectations high and photos to come….


2 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. …mmm…just went from vacation to “family trip” for me…I don’t really like skiing/boarding anyway. I prefer ski school pick-up & drop off, warm coco by the fire indoors all day, especially on cold powder days…

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