here comes the bride!

We traveled to Lubbock Texas this past weekend for my older brother’s wedding. The fact that my brother is married is CRAZY to me. It feels like it all happened so fast. I’m sure they would both say it took a lifetime. WE LOVED YOU AUNT BECCA and can’t wait to see you for Christmas.

This was the first time we’d traveled with all three kids….and well, it tested my AMAZING organization skills. I managed to remember everyones rehearsal dinner clothes, rented suits for the boys to wear in the wedding, make ring bearer signs and pillows, find a new black dress for me, pack snacks, socks, shoes, underwear and lovies. However, I did manage to forget to pack my camera (TRAGEDY!!!!!!!), enough diapers for Callum, wipes for the flights home, change of clothes and lunch, and several other items. And the sad thing is that I thought of every one of these things at some point, but got distracted and forgot to actually pack them.

The two hour time difference worked in our favor so they boys were able to stay up late for the parties. We got there Thursday and while Callum and I were at the bar (yes, we were), Greg took the boys on a walk and ended up here:

I’m pretty sure Greg threw the boys over a fence…but he’s not telling. Those are horns up on the red raider field.

We rehearsed.

And partied afterwards.

Callum was mostly happy. Except for the 100 hours he wasn’t.

I tried 1,000 times to get a cute picture of the boys in their suits. And it just didn’t happen with out my AMAZING Nikon D80. So here’s the iPhone shot.

And with the bride and groom.

Ben dance and danced, while Lyle hit on bride’s maids. His pick up line was, “can I play a game on your phone?” Worked every time.

My brother and I.

And exhausted on the way home.

That about covers it. I am never traveling again. Until Thanksgiving. And I promise better pictures.