lest you think i’ve got my sh** together

I think this blog has a pretty self deprecating feel to it (intentionally), but occasionally (like last week) I post something that I later read and think sounds a bit…well, not self deprecating.

So I just wanted you all to know, the boys vetoed my dinner plan for this evening and ate cereal instead. Lyle punched me in the face yesterday. With a closed fist. Ouch. And Callum cries a lot.

There you have it. Please don’t ever think of me as someone that tries to look like I have it all together. If it looks that way, then at that every second, I just might have it all together. And the next second, it might all fall apart. But thank goodness I have Jesus. Often He is all I have.

And while the boys were eating cereal, I was eating this. Delicious.


One thought on “lest you think i’ve got my sh** together

  1. Jesus isn’t the only one that loves you. We.love.you.too no matter what.

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