Really I didn’t do anything other than take Ben to school and take 100 photos.

But this whole first day of kindergarten thing had me all over the emotional place. I was all together excited for Ben and the adventure ahead. Excited because he was excited. Thankful for the school is is attending. That the good people that will be moulding and shaping him from 8:15 am – 2:30 pm Monday – Friday love Jesus. Nervous about how he might feel in such a big building with so many kids and faces. Thrilled for some focused (kind of….Callum) alone time with Lyle as the man of the house today. Proud of Greg and I for surviving the first 5 years and getting Ben to this point. Relieved that the first day has come and gone and was a success. And a bit baffled that he goes again tomorrow. Here we go.


2 thoughts on “I DID IT!

  1. Cherish this moment! I cried when I took Megan to school that 1st day. It was much harder for me than her. She just ran in and didn’t even say goodbye! Next year came Erin and I shoved her in the door as fast as I could (you have to know Erin, I really wasn’t that bad of a mother). The next year was Katie and I was a little sad, but was already pregnant with #4, so I did OK. Then 5 years later and it’s Kellie’s turn. I cried again, just like the first time, knowing this would be my last first day of school. Then comes college,(it will be there before you know it!). Kellie is the last one still in school and we can’t wait until she is out! So, cherish these times, keep a journal, and know this will be over way too soon.

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