one week

Summer is winding up here. It has been gloriously warm the last few weeks and we have spent 100 hours at the beach and pool. Ben starts kindergarden a week from Wednesday. Oh my oh my. I think he is ready. He shows no signs of being nervous at all. Just excited. He has been in pre-school for the last three years. Three different classes. Three different teachers. Tons of different kids. And he just rolls with it and finds his place among friends. I, on the other hand, have officially had one major and one minor anxiety attack on the campus of his new school. Why am I so nervous?!?! Thankfully I am MORE than ready for him to start, to break up our days and hopefully absence will make the boys hearts grow fonder and they will ease up on all the fighting. Please let it be so.

Lyle will be going to pre-school three days a week. Which seems like a LOT. Although it is just three hours a day. But I was sure I was going to have a change of heart and change him to two day by this point in the summer. Apparently not. Go forth and learn son. And hopefully someone else can teach you to obey and be a first time listener.

And the combinations of these two schedules has me starring at my calendar hour after hour wondering how it is all going to feel. And when Callum will nap. And when we will hit our stride.

And in case you are curious…I think about blogging all the time. It just doesn’t happen very often these days. Like showering (almost through my first bottle of dry shampoo) and sleeping (I love you Callum, but middle of the night feeding is not necessary anymore).