Have you heard about “glamping?” Glamorous-camping. I did not make this up. I saw it somewhere. And a few weeks ago we went “glamping” with friends who have mastered the art. We stayed at the lovely El Capitan Campground. Which is really more of a resort than a campground. They have both permanent tents and cabins on the property. So not bringing your own…and no set up or tear down! Last summer we stayed in a tent which was perfect. But requires use of the community bath house. With a wee little Callum, I don’t think I was being too high maintenance requesting that we stay in a cabin with a private bathroom.

There is ample space and privacy in the canyon, fire pits, nature…and all other things that making camping glorious. And king size beds and down comforters and housekeeping that making it glamorous. Please. Just go.

It is located 15 miles north of Santa Barbara. A 1/2 mile from the El Capitan State Beach. Beyond beautiful. 30 minutes from Los Olivos. My favorite town. (YES GREG I AM SERIOUS WHEN I SAY I WOULD MOVE THERE). Which has many tasting rooms from the nearby San Ynez wine region, a few fabulous restaurants, one boutique that I could maintain my closet with, and no stop signs. I dont’ know what else to say. We had a fabulous time with new traveling friends.

Please note that is in fact a picture of a bacon and blue cheese burger that was cooked camp side. Impressive right?!?!? And as amazing as it was, it paled in comparison to the filets we had the first night. Really the combination of a mini-fridge and a campfire make for some ridiculous meals.

The ONLY slight downfall….was that I apparently got attacked by chiggers (do not google…you do not want to see pictures) that last night and had itchy bites for two weeks. But wow did I enjoy that wine and camp fire and sunset and quiet bliss. Oh…it wasn’t really quiet. We did bring all three boys with us. But still. Bliss.


2 thoughts on “glamping

  1. Impressed with the food. But GLAMPING is NOT CAMPING. Not by any stretch. *sigh* Just another thing I miss about Oregon.

  2. How cool! Would have liked that when the girls were little. That park was featured in a Star Trek movie. Capt Kirk is climbing the El Capitan free style (don’t actually know the term) and falls to certain death, but Spock uses his jet boots to save him. No, I am not a nerd, contrary to my family’s opinion – I just happened to know that.

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