personal hygine game changers

Full disclosure here. After a night of sweaty dancing a few weeks ago, I confessed to my husband, and friends, that I have not worn deoderent for the last 5 years. It was not a conscious decision. Just somewhere I ended up after leaving the heat of Texas, not being so sweaty, wanting to find a non-toxic product, and not thinking the non-toxic brands worked very well. Well….apparently I’ve been stinky for the last 5 years and Greg neglected to mention this to me. The next morning I woke to a fresh stick of deodorant on my sink. Thanks honey. I am now rocking the men’s extra strength, long lasting something or other that might be burning a hole in my armpits, but boy do I smell good…albeit a little manly.

Also, through a conversation with new friends at VBS last week, I learned about dry shampoo. Now, I’ve known about dry shampoo for a while, but thought it was reserved for really sick people in the hospital who can’t take showers. But oh glory…it comes in a spray can, with a fresh scent, and can take away days of built up hair grease. I tried the Suave brand and it is a winner.

Just like that…two products that have just eliminated my need to shower and thus CHANGED MY LIFE!

In all seriousness, the dry shampoo is amazing. Even with clean, fresh hair, it adds volume and a little texture to my fine hair which I love. With out the stickiness of hair spray. Which I only use once a year when I curl my hair for the Mathison’s Christmas party.