Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. But breakfast time around here…is not currently my favorite time of the day. It’s usually happens about an hour before I even want to be out of bed, and I throw cereal at the boys to fill their empty tummies.

No matter how hard I try, the kids are almost always up before me. And I spend the next two (20) hours chasing them. Changing diapers, cooking, nursing, cleaning, folding, dressing, hunting for shoes, etc. So at about 8:40 each morning I stop and realize I have not had breakfast and grab a bar on the way out the door. And no part of that involves me leisurely sipping a warm cup of coffee and preparing my heart and tummy for the day.

So this afternoon, desperate for a little pick me up, I put on a pot of coffee. Which made me want a little breakfast treat. And next thing I knew I was enjoying a quiet breakfast in the middle of the afternoon. (helped by the fast the all three boys were asleep at the same time.) Cheers to afternoon coffee and a treat. This is what the rest of the world just calls “tea”…right?