Captain Ben

We have been having some behavioral issues at home with Ben since Callum was born. I will not go into detail, but let’s just say he has stepped up his game challenging us at every turn. I am often at whits end with him. By 6:25 am. But yesterday….I realized that if I just call him “Captain Ben” all day, he is quite agreeable and pleasant.

Those are headphones, with a hammer duct taped to them. Because he is a police helicopter pilot. Of course. And he is working at his police station office. On my dad’s awesome old huge computer. I entered into police land with him for an hour yesterday. I have my own headset don’t’ you worry. And he was thrilled. And he kept checking to make sure I was not doing any real work on my computer…just pretending. If only I could find the time (make it a priority) to do this everyday. Captain Ben would be very happy.