Personal or business use?

I mentioned that I got a new laptop. When I was buying it this week, the nice (innocent) sales guy asked if it was for personal or business use. (Callum was with me in the stroller sleeping.) I took this question as, “do you have a job, or do you just push that baby around all day and call it a job? And claim it is the hardest job on earth? THE WHOLE PLANET EARTH. AND MAYBE THE GALAXY.” Are there jobs on Mars? I don’t know.

It got me thinking. I want to be a writer. And does this blog count as being a writer? I follow a lot of blogs (too many for my kids own good….reading instead of playing.) And I judge myself against those blogs (women) all the time. And in the judging, and comparing and measuring…I usually fall short. Not as graphically designed, followed, backed by advertisers…etc.

But that’s not what writing has been about for me. It’s been about processing, and documenting, and making myself laugh…at myself. Even if no one else is. (BUT GREG YOU BETTER BE READING MY BLOG!…because you love me). And I have not treated this like a job. And given it that kind of time and attention. It’s something to do after the kids go to bed. Or when they are in their bed screaming and not sleeping.

I don’t know where I am going with this, other than the fact that I have a dream. And it involves writing. And sleeping more then 3 hours at a time. I should probably work on the second one first. Good night.