The time I left breastfeeding island…

After a three week ‘vacation’ on breastfeeding island, Lyle, Callum and I decided it was time to venture out and go to the market. Greg’s parents were on their way to town a couple days early and there was no food in the house. At least no food that when put together made a meal…that I would serve to adults. So we did some meal planning, made a grocery list and ventured to TJ’s. With the plan of rewarding us all with In N Out burger after our successful shopping trip.

Well, Callum wailed the whole time. I had him nuzzled in the Sleepy Wrap, which he LOVES, but for some reason he was agitated and wanted the whole store to know. And 2/3rds the way through our shopping the electrcitiy went out. So the employees are frantically covering up all things cold or frozen and I”m running in front of them trying to get my milk and eggs…etc. I hear a warning to hurry because the registers only work for a short while after the electricity goes out. But I have house guests coming and have not been to the market in three weeks…so there are NEEDS! And hurry is a relative term with Lyle pillaging the cliff bar isle and Callum still wailing. Some how (shocking) all other customers make it through the check out process before the computers go down. And as they are ringing up my first item it all stops. Now I am the only customer in the store and all 10 employees are just looking at me pitifully, wondering if I am going to cry. And in hind sight I should have because I offered three times to give them $100 cash for all the groceries in my cart and they would not accept my offer. And I have shopped at TJ’s enough to know that I would have been with in $5 of the correct total. They wouldn’t do it. Only offered to put my groceries in the freezer so I could come back and get them after the electricty comes back on. Oh yes, I would LOVE to come back. Preferably with three children and my in-laws.

I accepted the only option I had. And waited until I got to the car to cry. And looked across the parking lot to realize that In N Out burger had no power either. Bamboozled.

Thankfully my errand running mom swung by a few hours later and picked up the groceries and hand delivered them to my house. And put them away. Blessings.

Back to the island for another week.


2 thoughts on “The time I left breastfeeding island…

  1. Stay put! Don’t you leave that island.

    Oh how I’d love to deliver some In N Out Burger to you…but I’d eat all the fries on the way over.

    Love and hugs to you, Greg, Ben, Lyle, and the Bamboozler.

  2. LAME!!! I thought you were gonna say they let you have the groceries without paying and then they helped you to your car with a smile :)

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