I’m here…on the breastfeeding island.

Everyone keeps asking how I am doing. Which I guess is a natural question to ask when one has 50 lb. bags under ones eyes and is holding a newborn while two 1/2 dressed, poorly fed boys run around like wild banshees.

Actually, I am doing ok. The sleep deprivation either hasn’t set in, or just isn’t that big of an adjustment after 5 years of often interrupted sleep. Greg and my mom and others have been keeping the boys busy and happy. Which leaves Callum and I on the couch watching Grey’s Anatomy reruns most of the day.

I am under doctor’s orders not to do house work. Which is like asking me to not spray water on a fire that is about to consume my dearest possessions. I have done a decent job of just resting and holding Callum 20 hours a day, but I won’t last much longer looking at that pile of laundry.

This is the most boring post I have ever written.

But since we’re here I should update you on the oven. Against (my mom’s strong warnings) we decided that 2/3rds of the oven still worked (the bottom oven and the stove) so it got cleaned up and moved right back into the kitchen this week. I could not fathom making a decision like buying a new appliance postpardom. Should I go stainless steel, which would not match our other appliances, in hopes that we would be able to replace those in the near future as well? And what brand? Do they all need to be the same? And what would work with white cabinets…that I don’t currently have but want? And what color white should they be when I do decide I can’t handle the birch anymore? You see. I spiral out of control with decision making when I am hormonal. Thankfully I can still decide that SOMEONE needs to take care of that growing pile of laundry…and dishes.