me: ben, will you help me make your birthday cup cakes for school tomorrow?
ben: sorry. today is my day off from cooking.

awesome. i wonder where he heard that.

also, today marks the day in my pregnancy when i felt the need to stock pile non-perishable food and home goods like a hurricane is approaching…in case i am unable to ever figure out how to leave the house with three children. cheerios. peanut butter. and honey. we are all set.


One thought on “today

  1. I need my Ben fix…that adorable high-pitched voice. The funny things he says…priceless.

    Fuddruckers???? We NEED to go. Baby needs a burger. And melted “cheese”.

    Could this be our double date? I’m fairly certain there is SOMETHING Greg can eat there…tomatoes? Lettuce? Oh heck — if not, just pull the baby card!

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