mind racing and a breech baby

Sorry friends for being a lazy blogger….I am spending all my time thinking about how I will be spending all my time three weeks from now. Which involves hours on pinterest dreaming of what I will wear and drink after the baby comes. I am not totally forgetting the postpartum phase when I will be awkardly not pregnant and miles from an actual not pregnant body, and meeting a newborn’s needs 24 hours a day. And wishful thinking that this baby will love sleep like Lyle did. He was induced a week early, but in hindsight maybe he was earlier than that. Because he didnt’ wake up for the first few weeks. Seriously (don’t unsuscribe b/c you hate me) but I remember texting my high school best friend/ pediatrician asking if 22 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period was too much…because that’s what I’d calculated. Which included some time sleeping naked on our tile floor as an experienment / effort to wake him for a past due feeding. I realize these are unrealistic expectation for our little stubborn third child that seems to be REAL comfy in the breech position. And at 36 weeks…I’m starting to fret a little.

Oh, back to the pinterest board that I have not created but would include white sundresses and pool side cocktails. Also ignoring the reality that my boobs are so big when nursing that I’m relegated to GIGANTIC nursing bras and huge shirts to cover said nursing bras.