a little tie-tie mom

after a couple weeks of intense self reflection, nesting and various other life events, i’m exhausted. or as ben says, “are you a little tie-tie mom?” the boys are getting use to me existing on the couch much of the time we are at home. they just play around me. and seem ok with it. for now. they are both very in to pretend play. and somehow end up with real fights as a result. for instance, ben just told lyle that he could not have any pretend birthday cake at the pretend birthday party they were having because he was not a good listener. and also he was not allowed to invited his pretend friends to his pretend birthday party. then lyle started crying because ben broke his pretend birthday cake. really boys?!?!

also, my parents were in town last week and we celebrated ben’s birthday a little early. (which means now everyday he asks how many days until his real birthday) to say he has an obsession with legos in an understatement. and amazingly enough, my almost 40 year old brother still has his collection from the 70’s, complete with instructions. he generously reassembled several star wars space ships and sent them to ben for his birthday. this is a happy nephew.

ok. love y’all. but i’m going back to the couch.