Earthroots Field School

This morning I ventured to Silverado Canyon with the boys to explore the Earthroots Field School. It is an outdoor experience/education for kids that can supplement homeschool learning, bring hippies together to be one with nature, etc. They were hosting a kindergarten promotion class and I loved that younger siblings were welcome to participate.

In theory, I love everything about an outdoor school where my boys can run and play and adventure, and I can enjoy time with them and we can be in community with other families. Where there are no toys that make noise or TV or phones. I get chlosterphobic in Orange County quite often. It feels too busy and developed for me. And I really do breathe a little deeper in the great outdoors. And I wore birkenstocks in college. I had to throw that in because some of you just don’t know that about me. Although looking back, everyone wore Birkenstocks when I was in college.

But in reality, I don’t really like to get dirty. Animals and wild wilderness bugs and things make me nervous. I like the luxury that is toilet paper. And sitting in chairs. I chose to have both my babies in a hospital and an epidural (GASP!). Don’t worry. I didn’t disclose that to the mom nursing the 3 year old. My plan was to lie and say I’d had the boys at home and Greg was planning to deliver this next one himself. But thankfully no one asked. We have moved towards almost all organic eating, but I still throw down an in & out burger a couple times a month. I don’t think disposable diapers are good for the baby or the environment, but haven’t switched to cloth yet. And I just couldn’t leave the house with out mascara on this morning. I try to give my boys experiences that resemble what life would have looked like 25 / 50 years ago. Or more. The last two summers we’ve visited different state and national parks. And gone camping. But that is not part of our everyday reality. And I don’t know if or how I can make it so. Or if that’s really what I want. 5 grocery stores with in 5 miles of my house is pretty convenient.

Regardless, we had a great time. We were literally just in and around a small clearing on uninhabited property in the canyon. Just outside all day.

And see how happy these two were?