prenatal classes

I took the standard recommended prenatal classes before Ben was born. I clearly survived labor and delivery, and the first (almost) 5 years. But there were definitely some gaps that could have been filled. I am considering starting a new class which will cover the following:

1.How to disassemble (and reassemble) a car seat and cover to wash after you kid throws up. And a stroller and swing and all other baby things for that matter.

2.How to remove pee stains and odor from mattresses (vinegar and water in a spray bottle)

3.When a head wound requires stitches (generally if you can not get the bleeding to stop with in 15 minutes, or if it’s in a very visible location)

4.How to build a lego firetruck for your 4 year old with one hand while defending your work from your two year old with the other hand.

5.How to change a crib sheet with a bumper still attached. (solution…ditch the bumper)

6.How to patch holes in the knees of jeans.

7. How to cut your kids hair.

8.How to determine if you kid has an ear infection with out going to the dr. Seriously. I would LOVE to know how to check for this because my kids never get fevers with ear infections and I’m sure they have both had a couple the went too long before being treated.

9.How to change a diaper in the front seat of your car (b/c the trunk is full of stuff).

10.At what age you can hope to have a rational discussion with your child about their crazy behavior (clearly not 2 -1/2).

11.When you should move kids to beds and potty train and take away pacifiers…all with out loosing hours and hours of sleep.

12.How to get watermelon stains out of all shirts. (solution – eat shirtless all summer)

13.The magic of water to entertain (pretend washing dishes, watering plants, back yard mud messes), calm (long baths) and clean.


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