just take a step

after a relaxing, lazy and slightly productive weekend, i’m feeling a little bit better. a little more grounded. and less anxious. the boys have done great the last three nights. and just gotten up a little earlier than usual in the morning. but all in all, pretty smooth. why do these transitions paralyze me so?

i went to pre-natal yoga yesterday. bliss. it’s exercise. but not really. but totally relaxing and time to just be present with my pregnant body (that aches all over). hoping to continue this for the next couple months.

today i spent a lovely afternoon sewing with my favorite sewing friend. i didn’t have the umph to tackle anything on my own, but with a friend, and snacks and sweet conversation..it was perfect. i made 4 onsies with little ties on them. so easy and cute for a boy, especially because i don’t know what else to make him.

and i ordered two grey and white chevron print pillows from etsy. for some reason that lifted a weight of trying to find the fabric and make them myself. how could that have felt heavy? no idea. it’s silly really. but i can’t wait for them to show up. and i ordered a couple other 1/2 yards of different fabric to make a few other accents of my own to freshen up the nursery. which coincidentally now has an empty space where lyle’s crib/ bed use to be. and it might just be the perfect place to set up a little sewing table for the next few months…joy.

and most importantly, i spent some quality time with Jesus. which provided all the peace and clarity i was lacking.