all in a day

the boys are sick. this lingering cold, cough and just keeps lingering. so i took them to the dr. today. i love my pediatrician, but do not love antibiotics for my kids, or hearing a dr. say it’s just a cold after paying a $100 towards a deductible. but after a night of literally no sleep listening to poor ben cough, and lyle acting just a little beyond how a crazy two year old should be acting, i took them in. and two ear infections and some “wheezing” later, we were set up with antibiotics and instructions for the nebulizer. oh nebulizer. i hate you.

today also happens to be greg’s birthday. so our dr. visit was followed up by a visit to mother’s market for gluten free cake mix. greg’s dietary needs have (how can this be part of my job description with out a promotion or raise?!?!) increased due to some recent revelations regarding allergies. let’s just say they don’t make anything even resembling a dessert (even at the health food store) that is dairy, egg, gluten, and almond free. so we made our own.

making a gluten free, dairy free, egg free, almond free carrot cake did give me the opportunity to use my new 11 cup Cuisinart. An early Christmas present from my mom. and even for shredding two carrots…it was magical.

also on the stove is Ina’s butternut squash risotto. Which, with out the parmesan, is free of all aforementioned allergens. i, on the other hand, will be pouring on cups and cups of grated parmesan while greg is not looking.

happy birthday babe! (he hates that name). i love you!

oh, and wouldn’t this post be so much better with pictures?!?! yes. i know.