too much turkey talk?

yesterday afternoon ben and lyle were pretending to care for an imaginary pet pig. totally random. they made a little feed bowl for it. called it piggy. i think there was a pig house. they were playing for 10 or 15 minutes and i was just observing until ben asked me what you put on pigs when they eat them. a little confused i said like a blanket or something to keep them warm? no, mom. what kind of sauce do you put on a pig when you eat it? oh, you’re going there?!?!

somehow the pet piggy quickly got turned into dinner. and the funny part is that lyle was so confused (mostly b/c he had no idea what ben was so busy doing with all the pots and pans and he wanted his long awaited turn to pretend to feed the imaginary pig) and was just following ben around and ben kept saying, “sorry lyle. (as if he was mourning) but we have to cook piggy and eat him. he’s right in here. in the pot. and i am going to cook him. sorry lyle.”

maybe there’s been too much turkey talk this week and ben is realizing that animals are for eating. especially if both your parents are from texas.