in the dark

ben is going through another phase (please Lord let it be a short phase) of waking in the middle of the night and coming into our room. he gets really upset, and LOUD when we try to take him back to his room. and for fear of waking lyle, and trying to be sensitive to ben’s little emotional needs, we’ve settled on letting him stay, and sleep on a pallet on the floor in our room (he is happy and i can actually sleep). i get it ready before he even goes to bed knowing there is a 95% chance he will come cruising in the middle of the night. and when lyle wakes up in the morning, and climbs out of his crib and comes into our room, he is getting use to seeing ben on the floor and just thinks that is where he sleeps. sadly, now lyle has started asking to “sleep in mommy’s room.” come on kids. get out of here!

anywho….the funny part is that ben has two pairs of winter pj’s that he wears right now. one is a full footed zip up with dinasours on it. that happen to glow in the dark. (thanks bronwen) and a pair of black halloween pj’s with glow in the dark bones on them. so every night i am waking up to either little glowing dinasours walking into my room, or a skeleton. no matter how tired i am it makes me giggle. and ben just smiles because he things i am so happy he is coming into our room.

but really kids. PLEASE STAY IN YOUR BEDS! i am going around and around and around and around on when i am going to move lyle to a bed since he can easily climb out of his crib and i suppose it’s a little dangerous, and when i am going to move him into ben’s room. and if i should do it all at the same time. or not. and when to take his paci away. which seems critical to the transition. and when he will ever agree to even sit on the potty. and how much i should encourage any big boy behavior before the baby comes vs. just letting him be a little two year old as long as possible.

please advise.