ode to greg and the lbc flea market

greg has a love of flea markets. something that was not uncovered in premarital counseling. and honestly, i was not a fan early on. and to be REAL honest. i’m still not a fan. it always feels like rummaging through old, some times smelly stuff looking for something that is inevitably an impulse buy. and if i am there with greg, it means we have the kids with us as well which involves snacks and distraction and debates about how many “little people” toys we can buy from the 70’s. but greg has patience. and vision. and LOVES all things mid-century modern. so it’s his happy place. specifically the long beach flea market the third sunday of each month. below are some of his best finds. (the others were stopped before coming in the house…by me, or relegated to the garage.) in taking these pictures i have to say, he has done well for us. the nursery furniture was a STEAL and brand new with just a few scratches. the other furniture is clearly being used in the house and has quite a bit of unique style. and the ukulele, ben was not with out for over a year.

nursery furniture. the room is too small to get all the pieces but there is a changing table, storage bins and a toy chest in ben’s room. he got the whole set for about 10% of the retail price. if you know me you have heard me brag about this a lot. i love a good deal and this was beyond a good deal and has served the boys well.

the map. who doesn’t LOVE a 7th grade US history map hanging from their ceiling?!?! and there is a world one behind it. with one little pull of the ring they roll right up. this one has been in the garage for over a year and greg and ben put it up last night. i rolled my eyes when greg came home with it. i am lame. the boys love it.

how happy does he look to be learning geography?

office credenza. this was actually purchased at a garage sale for $15. i think we spent $100 to have it powered coated. still a great deal.

living room sideboard. same garage sale as the credenza. another $15. and some magic market touch ups on the scratches and it’s a perfect little hiding spot for toys in the living/dining room.

glider. this was greg’s first flea market purchase in our mariage. i rolled my eyes and mocked him for an hour as he negoiated, walked around and around and back to get this one. i think i refused to let him put it in the car and made him pay the guy to bring it to our house. i hemmed and hawed and finally helped sand and paint it. got new cushions. and have enjoyed many a naps and restful times on that smooth gliding outdoor sofa.

chairs and ottoman. found on the side of the road. he might have paid something for them. i don’t remember. but so comfy.

living room chair that i still need to have recovered.

ukulele. oh how this has been loved in our house. if ben becomes a musician, i will attribute it to this instrument.

all this to say, there are a lot worse interests he could have.