the one where ben asks about the hole where the baby comes out

gentlemen…you might not want to read this one.

the four of us were enjoying family dinner monday night when ben casually blurted out, “i want to SEE the hole where the baby comes out mom.”

the look on greg’s face was almost as hilarious as the question. i tried hopelessly to contain my laughter but could not.

i was not quite as shocked as greg to hear this plea. when i was pregnant last spring, ben started down a line of questioning about how the baby comes out. and i just kept telling him that the dr. gets the baby out. he was not satisfied with that answer and kept asking HOW the dr. gets the baby out. then he asked if he could come to the hospital when the baby was born. (he was sick when lyle was born so he did not get to visit). and of course i said yes. to which he then replied, “great. i want to see the dr. take the baby out.” yikes. i don’t even want to see that. unfortunately (in this case) i have not had a c-section with either of the boys, so it’s not quite as easy as saying the dr. cuts a hole and takes the baby out.

ben is relentless. and as soon as we told him i was pregnant again, he started asking the same questions. so back to monday, we were on our way home from the YMCA and the questions started and i was tired and hungry and flustered and considering he might be ready for a real answer….and somehow divulged that there was a hole that just mommy’s have where the babies come out.

a HOLE?!?!?! he HAD to know more. where was it. did it get bigger when the baby was born. did it hurt. so many questions. and i didn’t really answer any of them. so of course he brought it up at dinner with greg which was awesome.

but really….WHAT SHOULD I BE TELLING HIM?!?!?! other than this, he has not asked any questions about the differences between boys and girls and i am just not ready for all this. but he is almost 5.