Everything under the sun

It’s early saturday morning. 67 degrees in our house. gloriously crisp outside. wishing we had an operating fire place. ben is sick with a cold. his first in as long as i can remember. Which is so different from his second and third year of life when there were hours, not days, between green snotty colds. for that i am thankful continually. he is just old enough to stay in bed and rest when advised. and today i have advised. and encouraged with lots of warm blankets, lemon water and a dvd player of course. i kept lyle out of his bed and away from him for a total of 47 minutes before i gave up. he just wants to be where his brother is and has no regard for how miserable a cold can be. he will learn.

thankfully we also have a new stock of library books. we ventured to the bigger “central” library yesterday afternoon and were very glad we did! there was an abundance of thomas the train book (for lyle), fire and rescue books (for ben) and a little larua ingalls wilder (for me). i’ve never read the little house on the prairie books and with another boy on the way, don’t envision sweet nights pouring over the stories with my boys in the future, so i decided to just read them now. of course i have 10 yet to be opened books on my night stand just waiting to provide me with all sorts of spiritual and parental guidance. but i’ll get to those another day.

and back to the weather. crazy, but it was 80 degrees here on tuesday. just one day of santa ana winds and we took advantage. nothing like being the only kids swimming in november.

ok, back to parenting. lyle is unattended with a knife and a jar of nutella. happy saturday! (GAME DAY!!!!)