i agree son.

ben: mom, i wish there was a drive thru wine store.

just let the hilarity of that sink in before i give you the context.

it’s my BIRTHDAY and i wanted to make something yummy since i have not cooked in months. more information on that forth coming. (you all hope is was a kitchen renovation, don’t you?!?!?) so i’m going for coq au vin. (chicken version of beef bourguignon…i hope). i really do love to cook, especially in a quiet kitchen alone. or with greg helping. and i will have that luxury for some of both tonight. anywho…..i needed a bottle of wine for cooking, and maybe another for drinking (not really) and took with boys with me to old vine for a solid recommendation from our favorite sommelier brandon. and ben was annoyed that he had to get out of the car. hence the, “i wish there was a drive thru wine store.”