sewing pie

this post is a week over due. i’ve been busy eating pie. my new friend with whom i am ALMOST the same age in my mind and i got together for another sewing night last week. due to the total lack of inspiration and wearable fabric at joann’s (don’t worry…plans to open a fabric store in the beach cities is in the works) we were with out a specific project or plan for the evening. so…we worked on ben’s halloween costume. obviously. the kid LOVES to dress up. exhibit a:


we have quite a little costume collection from past halloweens and hand me downs. but he made a request in january and i didn’t quite know how to pull it off because it involved a jacket, which i have never made. so i asked julia to help. let’s just say this project wasn’t quite in line with her fashion forward, avant garde style. (yes, i have watched a few project runway episodes in my day!) and i’m sure not her favorite project. but she humored me. and i humored her when i tried the jacket on. think fat man in a little coat. it really was funny. but i can not show you pictures….b/c that would ruin the big halloween reveal! and really…it’s not quite done. we took several breaks to…eat pie. because bless her little home making hands, julia is making pies for friends this summer. and i am officially her oldest and newest friend.

the pie was HORRIBLE. exhibit a:


it was even worse with ice cream on top. warm apple pie….and melting ice cream. for breakfast. really it was breakfast pie. well, and a lunch pie.

julia…i owe you $100. i have not forgotten.