the dresses….


are now for sale. mostly b/c i need to support my fabric buying habit and greg does not think it is funny at ALL when i put these on my boys. you don’t have to go through etsy at all but they are listed there with sizes, etc. just e-mail me if you’re interested. i just didn’t know if it was legal to sell directly from my blog. dear accountant reader: is it legal to just sell from my blog? great. b/c now there is internet proof of my business mismanagement. all to be figured out in 2011.

my etsy shop. catchy name. logo. and all other important business things do not exist and may never. unless you have suggestions and graphic design experience. then PLEASE help. i will pay you with chocolate chip cookies.

i’ll post more as they are made. and i will take special orders and can help with fabric selection and sizing. oh, and the headbands can be sold separately for $10. and once these are gone, that might be it. we’ll see how long i’m motivated.


One thought on “the dresses….

  1. So either you sewed REALLY fast or I picked a fabric for you that you picked for yourself…I think I successfully channeled my inner Lindsay.

    This all looks so great and I’m so proud of you!

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