sewers in real life

*this post is full of horrible pictures. you have been warned.

a couple months ago i had the brilliant idea of trading fabric and dessert for sewing lessons with the talented miss julia patton of non-resplendent island. she happens to be studying fashion design (major change announcement pending?!?!?!?) at SCAD in Savanah, Georgia and is home from the summer. and because of the amazing way our relationship changed her life when i was her youth leader 10 years ago….wait. she mentioned nothing of that. ok. because of free fabric and desserts…she agreed to help an old woman learn to sew. because really, next to young julia. i am old. (i have not done the math but i think i am closer to her mom’s age than hers) but i digress. and she kind of makes me feel twenty something. so i keep inviting her back. julia is famous for her hilarious sense of humor, talented blogging, keen eye for design, and overall awesomeness. and i have a hunch she has made a lot of really wise and loving decisions in her life. which is just impressive at 19.

sew our sewing….our first “class” was marked by fresh chocolate chip cookies, learning that the yummier and softer the fabric the more impossible it is to work with (see disaster here), and julia sharing the glory of bloglovin. which has single-handedly simplified my blog reading and all together quadrupled the number of blogs i am now following.

our second “class” was marked with ice cream, a bag of chocolate chips, and visions of glory.


things i have learned this week:
1. how to properly iron a seam
2. you can sew over pins. even if it makes you nervous.
3. how to reconstruct a dress when you’ve totally messed it up and are about to dispair.
4. i am a size 12 in pattern sizes. more people would sew if sizes were similar to retail clothing sizes. you know you’ve bought a really expensive pair of jeans just because you fit in a small size than usual. i am going to make a whole slew of dress patterns in which i am a size 2.

i think the story of the yellow dress (that i am totally wearing to church tomorrow!) is best told in photos. but you should know that we planned on making two dresses and make so many mistakes that we only had enough fabric for one, and thank goodness we are the same size so we can share it. we were a little delirious sewing at 12:00 am….and when i say we, i mean julia. i had given up hours ago, but thankfully she was committed and i actually learned a lot with each challenge we faced. so with out further ado, i present the yellow dress:



mark your calendars for sometime in august, because there may be a fashion show during which we reveal our 2012 spring line.