lemonade stand…check

the fair started yesterday. and we decided to not only embrace it. and celebrate it. but to capitalize on it. for FIVE weeks (didn’t it use to be four?!?!) our street is lined with cars and people and trash as people come and go to the fair. yesterday there was free admittance from 12-1 so ben and i set up our lemonade stand at just that time. i quickly learned that ben is a natural born seller. he took the whole thing very seriously and passed all my selling “tests” with flying colors. really i wasn’t testing him, i was just trying to have fun and pass the time.

when i suggested we taste the lemonade (for the second time) he insisted that it was for selling to the people, not for us. right. same thing with the granola bars. and gummy fruit snacks. what?!?! did i not mention we expanded our offerings beyond lemonade? really the mini bottled water was our big seller.

ben shouted at everyone with in 100 yards. chased one couple down the street trying to make a sale. brought a microphone out when sales slowed. and sat very patiently. he also recommended a few upgrades to our lemonade stand including an umbrella for shade. good call ben.

if you are looking for us, we will be in the front yard everyday during lyle’s nap time (which happens to coincide with busy fair traffic) for the next 5 weeks. ben is saving his earnings to buy the entire lego store at south coast plaza. doesn’t he look happy?



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