we have eased into summer and are settling in quite nicely. our mornings are a little slower and our days a little longer. we are seeking shade, swimming daily and enjoying gramma time. and i don’t know how i ever lived in the real heat of texas because this 82 degrees has me sweating morning, noon and night. we celebrated the 4th with a parade, bbq and fireworks. and i am teaching bible study this week to an intimidating audience. i suppose Jesus is my only audience….but you know, the older, wiser women of the church will be present and i’m a little nervous. not to mention all my “people.” you know who you are and i love you. we are studying my favorite book of all time and i have spent hours upon hours telling friends for years why i love it. so i guess this 90 minutes on thursday should be no different.

i have been sewing quite a bit and exploring opening an “etsy” shop to sell my flawed designs. maybe i should just call it “sewn by a sinner.” and really they are not even my designs. my creations i guess you could say. mostly dresses for girls age 12 months – 4 years. in many ways it has been very therapeutic for me and ironic i suppose that this is how i have enjoyed spending my creative time as i continue to work through the loss of our little one and hope for the future. let me know if you are interested. i am also making some aprons. christmas gifts? just a thought.

i have been reading the book “irresistible revolution.” and the compelling message has entered into just about every thought and decision i have had the last couple weeks. and i am trying to resist the guilt that comes when i read challenging books. yet embrace the truth and allow it to move me…from where i am. to where Jesus wants me to be.

and i have enjoyed so much carefree time, as i will call it, the last couple weeks. and i really have felt carefree. time at the beach. long walks. bike rides. a massage. it really has nourished my body and soul. so thank you friends for entering into this fun time with me and thank you greg for the 100 hours you have spent with the kids on saturdays the last couple months so i could feel carefree.