and we’re back

but you didn’t know we were gone did you? for safety reasons, obviously i did not mention last week that we were taking a 5 day family vacation up and down the coast. we are back and i have a MILLION pictures to display the glory of our trip…that will be posted soon. but a few quick thoughts:

i spent quite a bit of time “touching up” our family vacation photos to eliminate the teenage zits that came with me on the trip. i’m almost 35. and i have the technical capabilities. sue me. or judge me. it’s your choice. and my legs might be a bit thinner in the mobile me gallery posted for all the world to see than they are in real life.

ben’s bed time these days is basically when i run out of patience. sometimes 7:00. sometimes 9:00. you never know. right now he is happily playing outside with lyle’s birthday presents so play on my friend…play on.

we had a fun little birthday party for lyle today with big balloons. he ate donut holes for 3 hours straight. then threw up at 4:00 pm. awesome. holiday curse. i curse you!