The hall painting is done…so clearly I rested for one day and am now on to sewing. But first, a few thoughts. At first the white hall looked like a psychiatric ward. Which maybe is appropriate b/c there have been days recently when that would be a good place for me. But (because my husband is a night owl and rarely says no when I ask for help with a project) we hung pictures back on the wall last night and it now looks more like an art gallery and I really like it. Second, the nonstick painters tape pulled some of the paint off the ceiling. So I suppose I should repaint the ceiling. WHICH I WILL NEVER DO. So don’t look up in the hallway at our house. Did I really have to tell you that? Probably not. Third. The fresh white paint on the walls makes the baseboards look really dirty. Hmmm…they are really dirty. And finally, I accidentally (totally on purpose) got so much paint on the tile floor that it should probably just be replaced.

Moving on…I bought a pattern. As in a sewing pattern. Online. And am going to make a dress. A very simple. Very little dress. This is a BIG step. My mom and I made a dress for me in 8th grade. Oh I wish I had a picture. Oh I HAVE to find a picture. We went to the fabric store, and picked and pattern. Big sleeves. Lots of ruffles. Awesome. And picked an equally awesome green floral fabric that was not quite Laura Ashely…but close. But much worse. And the combination of the pattern and the fabric was horrible. But I had to wear it, because we made it. And I never really recovered. And have doubted my design eye ever since.

But it’s time to redeem myself.


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