the last week…

beach, pool, beach, pool. man it has been hot.

this week we went to a little beach on the bay (with great free parking and i will not tell you where it is so you don’t take all the parking spots!) and while lyle collected shells with my mom and brother, ben and i wandered over to the coast guard boat and introduced ourselves. and they gave us a full tour! for a little boy that talks a lot about firemen, policemen and coastguards….it was awesome to actually be on the boat. and having him sitting in the captain’s chair, pointing to every tool, life preserver, fire extinguisher. just great.

ben had his 4 year old well check. vision. hearing. everything was tested. i can’t believe how big he is and that he didn’t even cry when he got his shot. but i almost did. WHEN WILL THE SHOTS BE OVER?!?!

that afternoon we had an impromptu dinner with friends. thank you.

ben and i also had our first date to the lego store. i implemented a reward chart for being a first time listener a week ago and he earned all the (totally arbitrary) stars needed for a new lego. so tuesday after school we went to the lego store for the first time and man i don’t know if i’ve ever seen him more excited. he showed me every single box and told me what everything was and could not get enough. i thought he was going to take inventory. and it was a miracle he actually picked something as his reward. (after i told him he could not have the $100 fire station and that he had to be 16 years old for the space station) and the nice lady working told us about the minibuild that was taking place that evening and if we came back…..there was no question. we were coming back. and we did. and he stood there with all the other big kids and completed the project like a pro. i was so proud.

first day of swim lessons at the Y. good, but not great. but i definitly think it will help ben moving into actually swimming, not just surviving in the pool. a welcome change. lyle on the other hand has no desire to be in the water and i haven’t decided what, if anything, i’m going to do about that yet this summer. he’s to cute to make angry. but oh when he get’s angry. he gives it his all. and it’s hard not to laugh. b/c he’s still so cute. but his temper has been flaring. and although he’s talking more and more, he is not clearly understood. but i know what he is saying with his eyes. precious.

the boys are outside playing, post dinner. it is still warm, my favorite nights. they are soaking wet and re-mulching the yard, or re-arranging the mulch. making a glorious mess and so happy.

on a side note, i did indeed paint the living room white. white as snow my friends. therapy. not sure if it’s the fumes or the manual labor that puts me in a happy place. but i enjoy marveling in the fruit of my labor. next…the hall. and the office. and the guest bathroom. i’m kind of obsessing about color right now. wanting to get rid of visual distraction. not if i could just figure out a solution for the kitchen cabinets….