i take it back!

we recently and very casually turned our home office room into a play room. ie….i moved the furniture out and threw all the toys in there. the boys do play in there quite a bit and enjoy having their toys easily accessible and i enjoy less pressure (on myself) to keep it as tidy as our great room.

but…i have also been inspired by so many craft projects recently and i want the space BACK! so it can look like this…


or this…


but not so girl-y.

on other topics, i finished painting the dining room with a softer white (the same white i used in the boys rooms) and it made all the difference. and once i put the furniture back the transition from white to tan in the other rooms wasn’t so drastic. so for now i’m just enjoying the dining room and putting off the project schedule for the rest of the great room. i’ll post pictures another day.